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    If you were a member of Tspeak.us or a newsletter subscriber you should have received our first edition of our newsletter. If you didn’t receive your copy please check your spam filter and allow receipts from Tspeak@tspeak.us. If you do wish to receive it and haven’t you can enter your email address in the form to the left and you will be subscribed. Of course you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the bottom of the newsletter.

    Our plan is to publish the Tspeak.us newsletter on a weekly basis with a maximum of fifteen articles linked per publication. If the need arises we may choose to publish more frequently particularly as the elections draw near.

    Our newsletter is mostly made up of articles written by Tspeak.us members, but may from time to time contain off-site links as well if the information is seen by editors as being of particular interest or importance.

    To have your article included in the Tspeak.us Newsletter all you need to do is publish it in the blog platform. When we choose which articles will be included it will be 75% based on how much “buzz” it creates through the amount and quality of feedback and comments. The other 25% is the judgement of the site editors solely on whether the article fits within the overall site and newsletter theme.

    Remember this isn’t a writing contest. The way inclusion is based you don’t have to be a literary genius that can turn a phrase like a poet. It’s about subject, content, facts and opinion. We would however appreciate your using your spell checker. 🙂  Most of all. Have fun.


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