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  1. I used to think it was a “conservative site” but as of late I think it a site of hate and discontent. They complain about being attached by the Left, (poor little us) and they are masters at it Especially others people’s religion and those that don’t practice it.

    • I have long since given up on those with a myopic self centered view. Even though I hold many of the same views the inability to just look at what’s going on around them is suffocating.

  2. Re-posting my reply from Thoughtsaloud blog


    Very on point Dave. The problem does not reside with the “fundies” on either side but with a central government willing to cater too and address the issues at all. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and everyone has the right to express that opinion and effect anyone receptive to their point of view. The right they do not have is to expect a central government to force that point of view nation wide. Gay marriage is a good example. Generally marriage is regulated at county levels. Records are kept at county levels and it’s county level courts that litigate marital disputes. Why would or should the federal government presume to decide who can marry? Why would or should communities abdicate that authority to them in light of the fact that they are responsible for every other aspect of the marriage contract?

    I got a bit off topic but I wanted to illustrate that it’s not the opinions that are the problem. It’s not even the level of passion for those issues. It’s where the parties try and address them and the more than willingness of the central government to use the issues to their advantage in their quest for control.

    • You all will probably get a bunch of emails. Mostly old. There was a glitch in the server that caused all emails to not send for a week or so. It’s been fixed and it seems the dam has burst. 🙂

      • Yikes! You are right. My bad. I assumed all I was missing by not checking in was a few links I did not have time yet to follow, not any replies I needed to make. I see I have a lot of catching up to do… after my nap. 😉 ◄Dave►

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