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Ted Cruz Speaks Out Against the 17th Amendment — 4 Comments

  1. As long as we have the “modern-day liberals” we will have Obamacare, Hillarycare, Social Security, what have you. If not for the 17th, it would have been something else. Not that I am against SS because in it’s intended form it was good. But after Govt. interference, bureaucrat robbery ETC, it’s hardy recognizable. Some like to dwell on their “facts” that it’s unconstitutional, well maybe so. But if we went by all that is Constitutional, I fear we wouldn’t be doing much. As some would say, “i quit driving my model “A” ford, because it couldn’t keep up………………….

    • But after Govt. interference, bureaucrat robbery ETC, it’s hardy recognizable.

      That is exactly the rub Oscar. No “government program” is ever implimented to stay as designed. Look at Obamacare. “you have to pass it to see what’s in it”. SS was designed as a supplement to an individuals retirement savings. A “safety net” against a rash of indigent seniors. It’s now been bastardized to the point that it’s taking the place of unemployment insurance for the able bodied. In the case of SS we would be better off with the Model “A”. If you think Obamacare is bad now wait until you see a decade of “tweaking”. The burden on States will explode. One thing that could stop it would be if senators were beholding to the states instead of lobbyists and self serving constituents.

  2. It wasn’t all sweetness and light before 17 as many Senators were chosen not for their ability but for their willingness to bribe and bow to their legislative cohorts. But Cruz is right, I think, in that they would certainly have more of an attachment to the states than to the Leviathan that Big Govt. has become.

    • I completely understand that Alan. There is a solution for that as well and one that makes sense and brings government home. Folks simply have to be more careful who they elect at state level. That would also include careful observation of who and what they empower to federal representation. You once appreciated one of my statements about diminishing power to the top. This would force state legislatures to be more responsible for the actions of the ever expanding federal power.

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