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To sum things up in Benghazi — 7 Comments

  1. I know that Mary, in particular, is outraged by the events. I know that many are jumping on the memo issue, potential conspiracy tracks and other mistakes that were made by several agencies of government.

    I have lots of questions but am not prepared to jump to conclusions as there seem to be lots of info yet to be reviewed. For now, I am waiting to see what Mike Rogers, Chair of the House Intelligence committee, has to say. Seems to me that he is serious about getting to the bottom of it and has surfaced as the most level-headed and reliable guy to make conclusions at the appropriate time. He is a former FBI agent as is not prone to hyperbole or excessive partisanship.

  2. I agree completely Larry. Just keeping track of what we do know. What we know is that there was a cover up regarding what was told to the American public. It seems to me like a lot of trouble for the reason being proposed by the media. Winning an election. In reality I don’t think an embassy attack that was handled properly would have hurt Obama. Thing is it couldn’t be handled properly because it wasn’t a proper operation going on in Benghazi and sending in resources from outside the operation would have exposed it. Wouldn’t be the first time lies were told to cover a covert operation. LOL That’s what makes it covert. Notice in all the hearings and testimony nobody asks WHY the Ambassador was even there on 911. One would think that would be enlightening when trying to establish WHY the facility was attacked while he was there but not the guest that we do know of. You would think that might have been a question for the secretary of state when she sat in front of the committee. The intelligence committee may even have that info but it’s probably classified. If they don’t have it they probably never will so they may not have much light to shed on the situation.

    I don’t think it’s over yet. What I can tell you is their offering up the IRS to the media and Oversight Committee to distract and as “replacement news” I ain’t buying. Watch all the traction that story gets as opposed to Benghazi. Everybody hates the IRS. We’ll give you them if you just leave Benghazi alone.

  3. Trying to contain my outrage as I feel this should be a marathon, not a sprint. Should be obvious to all that many mistakes, at all levels, were committed. I also believe that intentional actions were taken to cover up and/or sway the public close to election.

    Hillary and Gen. Petraeus for certain need to be subpoened. She has already been caught in a lie about not receiving/seeing the cables for increased security. However, she was not under oath, thus no perjury charge will stick.

    Petraeus can be cracked. He’s on record now as having some issues with the discrepancies. Let’s see if the usually flaccid Boehner and Issa have what it takes to see this through.

    Forget the under under secretary assistant to the chair of whatevers (Carney, Nuland, Mills, et al ) – get the top level execs to squirm and demand some answers.

    I used to wonder whether it was evil or incompetence that we were dealing with. Clearly, they walk hand in hand. But I am somewhat heartened that elements of the MSM appear to be cracking. Why, even Maureen Dowd of NYT is chastising the Messiah now. Hallelujah! Color me (slightly) optimistic.

    • The MSM is only covering it’s own ass right now. They will poke around the issue enough to make it seem like they’re doing their job now that there’s no way out. They need to salvage some credibility otherwise nobody will listen when they lie the next time.

  4. Yup, warming my little cockles as we speak. Popping the corn and waiting to see just who eats whom here. If it weren’t all so disgusting in the grander sense, it would be entertaining.

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