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Ron Paul Revolution Compromises — 4 Comments

  1. I have mixed emotions about this. I take the author’s point, and have no problem with RINO’s (in many ways, I am one); but I have a real problem with non-Constitutionalists and ‘gang’ joiners like McCain and Graham. I’d just as soon lose the seat as return those fools. To me, the sooner the Republican Party self-destructs, the sooner we can start a new one that they will have to pay attention to. ◄Dave►

    • Agreed, but this is the kind of third party activity I have talked about. One that can pick their battles and where there is no chance of a win facilitate the next best thing. Progressives can be defeated easily. It’s their divide and conquer strategy that’s a winner for them. Only an idiot throws himself on a fire to avoid getting burned.

    • I think this is the right approach. I agree, ◄Dave►, that the Republicans are on a path to Party suicide as long as complete fools like Graham and McCain are allowed to represent it, but I also believe that the Tea Party strategy of taking over and remaking the party from within is a shorter, quicker path to your new party. When a GOP conservative is elected with the margin of victory coming from Libertarian and Tea Party votes, that very fact gives those voters and their ideas clout and influence within the Party ranks. I’m with Chris as being all for third, fourth, and fifth parties to provide differing viewpoints from the two major behemoths. But when it’s time to actually cast a vote, if your preferred candidate has no chance it’s better to have someone in office you might only agree with 80% of the time than someone you believe is actively involved in bringing this country to its knees.
      It’s a tough call sometimes, and in the past I have advocated the opposite, i.e., voting on principle alone. But at this point in our history, when “progressives” are doctrinally programmed to destroy this noble experiment in self-government, this last best hope for humankind to ever develop the wisdom to save itself from itself, the first priority is denying them office.

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