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Asking Real Questions about Conservatism v. Libertarianism — 2 Comments

  1. I think the answer is federalism and the Tenth Amendment. Most Americans are fiscally conservative, and fed up with the overbearing Federal bureaucracy. If we could start a movement to get social issues, from either side of the L/R divide, out of national politics entirely, and back into the State and local governments where they belong, that third-way movement could easily win a plurality if not a majority in national elections. ◄Dave►

    • No doubt about it. The problem is that the feds have spent decades getting the states hooked on fresh printed green cocaine. The feds can borrow and print which is what the states use to balance their budgets. Play nice and you get your fix. Push back and your people will suffer by carrying their own weight plus the weight of all the states that play nice.

      The states have ceded so much of their power that they don’t even know how to be independent any more. The only way to return to even a resemblance of federalism is to have a federal government that embraces it. The feds have centralized so much power that the 10th is dead. Of course the civil war didn’t help much either. Good came out of it, but I’m still conflicted over whether it was right from a constitutional point.

      LOL focus Chris…Don’t stray too far.

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