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Marriage Should Be Reframed – Not Redefined — 3 Comments

  1. I can’t say that I disagree with you in the slightest. I would add that I believe the original intent of preferential treatment to married couples was to subsidize procreation. There is no other reason one could conceive for the distinction between traditionally married people and unmarried people. It was and in many circles still is thought that procreation is good and necessary for any society. On that I agree, but to the point of government subsidizing it I disagree. But going under this premise which I believe to be correct a gay couple can not perform this “service to society” and therefore do not qualify for government largess endowed under the status of married. They can not fulfill their end of the “social bargain”. Ok folks. Let it fly. 🙂

  2. I have a niece that is gay and I can tell you this; Most gays could care less about being married if not for the benefits. You take those away and gay marriage goes away.
    As far as a licensed marriage, there are still common law states.
    In Kansas, If a couple sleeps together overnight, they can claim common law marriage. I think it’s still that way. If one wants to be married without a license they can move to the nine states listed below.

    Nine states (Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Iowa, Montana, Oklahoma and Texas) and the District of Columbia recognize common-law marriages. In addition, five states have “grandfathered” common-law marriage (Georgia, Idaho, Ohio, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania) allowing those established before a certain date to be recognized. New Hampshire recognizes common-law marriage for purposes of probate only, and Utah recognizes common-law marriages only if they have been validated by a court or administrative order.

    • LOL… I can confirm Kansas, Oscar. My last duty post in the Army, back in ’65 – ’66, was Ft. Leavenworth (on this side of the wall, of course). One night, what today would be called a ‘cougar’ drug me home out of a bar. The next morning, she announced that we were married. I think she was just having a bit of sport with a kid; but she was playing it straight, carefully explaining common law, and it scared hell out of me.


      After I poured a couple of cups of coffee down my neck, I got my wits back in order. I sat her down and explained the duties of a wife, with heavy emphasis on the ‘obey’ part. By the time I finished explaining my requirements and expectations of my wife, she was ready to agree that a common law divorce was in order. We soon parted amicably as X’s. 🙂


      Nevertheless, it was a lesson learned, and for the rest of my time there, I was careful not to fall asleep. A quickie may not be as satisfying; but in Kansas there is no such thing as a one night stand. Even as young and reckless as I was at the time, I reckoned that a bar was not the best place to look for a wife. 🙂  ◄Dave►

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