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Kudlow Goes One-on-One with Paul Ryan — 2 Comments

  1. I’ve listened to politicians talk from the 40″s to present. there is an old saying, “believe nothing you hear and half of what you see and you won’t be disappointed after election day.

    Romney is already campaigning for 2020 when he said he would have energy independence by 2020. That is if one reads between the lines. Of course that independence won’t happen unless he’s elected and re-elected for a second term.
    There is too many if, it’s, and’s and but’s for them to say well,…………………….

    • Oscar, I completely understand your skepticism. I’m not in love with this republican ticket myself. Although I do believe they will do everything possible to free up economic policies and get the economy going again I still see big government politicians. The thing is we have to contrast them with the current status. We can’t continue down the progressive path. Something has got to break. So maybe we won’t be returned to the land of civil liberties we were designed to be, at least we can survive to fight for them another day.

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