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Introducing Objectivism — 6 Comments

  1. Always refreshing to read little Ayn Rand.

    When my son was growing up, I used to tell him that the only real obligation we have to others is to not become a problem for them. Instead of trying to ‘save the world’, if everyone just took responsibility for themselves and those close to them first, the world would be saved.

    Have you seen the movie of Atlas Shrugged? I got a friend to go to Denver with me to see Part 1 when it came out. And, I of course ordered a DVD. I haven’t seen Part 2 yet; keep forgetting to order it.

  2. Excellent post Dave. I’ll have to check out the Ayn Rand Institute. Someday soon . . . And stay off of those ledges. Unless I’m named as your heir, it would be altruistic to talk you down from them.

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