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Great alternative to Capital Punishment problem — 7 Comments

  1. Totally fine with this. What a great idea, and money saver too if given the opportunity early enough.

    Hell, even if not guilty, everyone ought to have the right to end their life.

  2. Plenty already do – at the scene of the crime, further saving themselves the grief, and us the expense, of a trial. My objection to the death penalty is that it has become too painless. I’d sentence them to life at hard labor, making little rocks out of big ones in an uncomfortable climate. ◄Dave►

  3. Yep…it is too easy an out for some at least. I like the idea of this Ariel Castro guy being let out into the general population 1 hour each day with the guys instructed to beat him just a little and that it go on every day for the rest of his life which I hope would last longer than 11 years.

    • Good one, Larry. I remember back soon after 9/11, my recipe for justice if Osama bin Laden had been captured live, was to erect a wooden tower the height of the WTC, put him on top, and set it afire below him. Then stream it live on PPV, so we could all watch to see if he chose to fly or fry. I reckoned that the PPV fees we would have gladly paid for the event, could total enough to rebuild the towers. It is probably a good thing we aren’t judges, huh? 🙂 ◄Dave►

  4. I’m not really in favor of the death penalty but then some real creep comes along and does something that causes me to say “man that guy deserves to fry”.

    If an inmate wants to save the public some room and board and the price of a syringe and some chemicals I have no problem. In fact anytime someone with a life sentence that would rather empty a cot than “pay their debt to society” at societies expense I wouldn’t complain.

    One good thing. Those new procedures that prove the convicted to be innocent on occasion also help insure false convictions are less frequent.

  5. Just thinking out loud here. It’s impossible for me to understand the kind of despair, sense of betrayal and anger of someone sitting convicted on death row or even anyone in prison for a crime they did not commit. You must lose faith in anything right and just in the world. Ok back to my inside voice.

    • Yeah, life without Liberty would have little meaning. Suicide might just be even more attractive to the innocent person as the guilty one. I can see where not issuing a cyanide pill to every prisoner might be considered cruel and unusual punishment… ◄Dave►

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