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The fractures are appearing. This from Palin on Facebook. — 4 Comments

  1. Palin’s intro to the article is very well written I must once again admit. Unfortunately, she also spends a great deal of time in other forums on the Faith part of Faith and Freedom so it is hard to support her knowing the righteous, religious baggage she carries. Even so, her opposition to what I call “The defense industry right to profit law” or more commonly, Immigration reform is helpful. I’ll try to stop from gagging and continue to pay attention to her immigration reform opposition efforts.

    • Maybe putting her “religious baggage” into the context that there is a significant portion of her base that at least requires a “hat tip” to get them to pay attention to the rest of the platform may help your gag reflex. 🙂 Again bear in mind that nothing will probably come of any of those issues on a federal level anyway. There’s never a cost to listen when you bear in mind that the media emphasizes what will make you gag and remains silent on what doesn’t simply because they want to make you gag.

  2. Palin is somewhat right in my opinion in why we lost the election A 126 million people voted while 93 million didn’t vote. 57.5% Opposed to 42.5% of the illegible voters.
    The The Medill School of Journalism conducted an online survey and below is what they found.
    The broke the 93 million non voters into groups. The first group is called the Pessimists.
    They lean conservative and are the less educated, maybe retired around 50’ who don’t like Obama and like smaller Govt.
    They’re named because of their pessimistic outlook on the future of the economy. My name for them would be the complainers. They complain but do nothing.

    And there’s the group called the the Active Faithfuls. They are well educated, middle-class Southern black and white churchgoers who identify as independents and moderates. They made up 11 percent of nonvoters, largely because they didn’t support either candidates for religious reasons. More than enough to have gotten Romney elected had they voted.
    And than the 22% who thought they should be able to vote on-line. One could probably split that vote 50-50. There is more to the article but this is far enough to get the idea of why the conservatives didn’t win.
    That’s all water under the bridge. What’s to be done now is what important. We need replacements for all the riff raff that Palin is talking about. We need people to run against the status quo. This still needs to be done on a two party system. I’m afraid that if the run a republican candidate on the republican ticket, a freedom party candidate ticket, (or whatever) and a democrat ticket the democrat is going to win, because of splitting the other two tickets. A run-off between the republican and the freedom party candidates needs to be done so there will only be one party running against the democrat.
    There are a lot of things going on in the senate that many of us don’t approve of. But there are people on both sides of the isle that do. This can only y be corrected by the people at the polls. So we better get it right this time. And time for talk is short.

    • I agree Oscar. The thing is that the new party has to be smart. They would have to pick and choose their battles. Maybe many republican candidates that fit the “freedom party” platform would run on both party lines. I know here in NY they do it all the time. Candidates run on multiple party lines. We always worry about the big tickets like the presidential race. It would be crazy to run a third party there but why not inject a larger voice into the primaries to help get a right minded republican candidate? Make it known that if the GOP doesn’t do the right thing there will be a challenge. If they bring out the right guy he gets an endorsement and a place on the freedom party line.

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