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  1. I have no problem with humanitarian foreign aid by private organizations. It’s my understanding that the US gives far more aid privately than thru government aid. Of course the government gets credit for it. As far as intergovernmental aid goes it’s a crock. By the time the aid filters thru one government to the other there’s no aid left for those that need help. Government aid might as well be called payoff for one thing or another.

  2. I’m with you. I love the efforts various religions make to assist in the third world. Since most of them are non-profit better that they spend their money than the taxpayers.

  3. The only problem I have with that sort of thing is pretty much in the past. In today’s global world nobody can escape the influence of others. Where the problem came in was when folks encountered a perfectly happy and content people who have lived their lives a certain way for centuries and felt compelled to “civilize them”. A good example would be the “energy program” in Africa recently espoused by Obama. Many of those people have been existing without it their whole lives. They get by the same as their fathers and grandfathers did. Who knew they were so miserable? They didn’t until somebody told them. Poverty and under privilege are a “civilized” concept of comparison. I look back to the native American. What’s done is done and won’t change, but when do you suppose they were happier? Before or after being “civilized”?

  4. Ahhh..the old “ignorance is bliss” argument. Thing is, how far do you go with it? What parts of our exported culture should not have been provided? Pre-natal health care? education to reduce female genital mutilation? How about the poor south or Appalachia in the US? Should entities be doing things like providing immunization clinics to reduce polio?

  5. No Larry. I prefaced my opinion with the world today. I was merely pointing out that sometimes “aid” can be counter productive. To better the human condition is not a bad thing. To alter a culture may not always be good. That culture must be ready and willing to be altered. That’s our biggest downfall in the middle east. We expect them to think like we do and can’t understand why they don’t so we plod forward as if they do. We thought if given the opportunity the people of Egypt would seize the opportunity to elect a democratic government and strive for equal rights for all. Well they practiced the power of their vote and chose sharia which is the complete opposite. Sure now many have buyers remorse but if given a redo I bet it would come out the same.

  6. Chris…I understand your point. I was merely trying to focus it a bit regarding the “aid” issue. I certainly agree that “aid” can be counterproductive. I think we are getting sucked into a whirlpool that will take a lot to get out. We have, as you suggested, picked the wrong team in many instances but have no easy way to change. This results in money down a rathole while we the taxpayers are cutting funding on things like basic infrastructure.
    We should have learned our lessons of Iraq and Aghanistan that we cannot force tribal and religious factions to play nice and we might as well get the hell out of the way and let the strongest team win. At that point we can try to put some dictator in place that will promise to keep the lid on in exchange for loose women and riches. If the dictator gets a little rambunctious we can step on him or replace him with someone we like better. Isn’t that the way that worked best?

    • Agreed Larry. Let them sort their politics out themselves. Leave humanitarian aid up to private institutions that actually have to be accountable to who where and how much aid bypassing governments completely and helping hands on. If the governments don’t like that because they can’t control it then they get nothing. Anything along the lines of military aid should remain as American assets but I say let them pay for them. Egypt used to be a relatively wealthy country. Why have we been sending them F-16? The only reason is to buy peace with Israel. Nothing more.

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