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Egypt is Burning — 3 Comments

  1. The US could break that record if just 10% got pissed off enough to march on Washington, but this has to be a substantial portion of the Egyptian population.

  2. In the last revolution two years ago the majority got what they asked for. Problem is they trampled on minority rights and the constitution did not factor in that issue. If the next one does and the government participation level is broader, they may be able to go 5 years before the next revolution. Not really sure I care as long as we control the army and always have the most tanks and guns.

  3. I think in the end what they will wind up with is the authoritarian type government they had with Mubarak. Possibly with more human rights at first but still ending with more than under sharia. In a tribal environment with religious divisions an authoritarian hand is the only way to maintain a reasonable resemblance of peace. Until the people are educated in compromise and cooperation and acceptance democracy doesn’t work. We never hear about what’s going on in Iraq. If someone were to take a close look I’m betting a Sadam Hussein type regime is beginning to develop. If not the only other option is an Iranian style government with the religious leaders holding the real power. If Egypt’s military bounces Mursi there will be martial law just like under Mubarak and therefore another dictatorship. That is my biggest fear here in the US. The dividing into subgroups and setting them against each other. Only heavy authority can keep them from warring with each other. We’re only a generation away.

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