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DeMint Writes Letter to Vladimir Putin on American Exceptionalism — 11 Comments

      • I find that opinion very flawed. Our friend Chip seems to confuse American government with America. Is the government a steaming pile? You bet. Is America ready to join them? I don’t think so. I can only think about the ‘2 million bikers” that rode to DC the other day. It was huge but unreported. It’s said that they numbered over 1 million. I don’t think they are ready to be just average.

        • Good grief, now Oscar is questioning his motives. My last comment there:

          I am getting really confused by the negativity towards DeMint here. Reread his letter carefully and show me what he said that is not true. Yes there are forces actively and openly endeavoring to subvert our culture and eliminate the principle of American exceptionalism. They have had remarkable success in the past 100 years at the former; but they have yet to accomplish the latter by a long shot.

          What could be his motive for writing it? To me, he seized a perfect opportunity to lay down a marker, and elevate the debate in our own country over the subject. Then, the Heritage Foundation is not paying him the big bucks as a mere figurehead. He has a job to do, and fundraising is a major component of it. What better way of advertising what his organization does, and inspiring folks like us to appreciate their agenda and efforts, could there be?

          Finally, perhaps he has future political ambitions. If so, he just elevated his stature in the eyes of most conservatives immeasurably. If Ronald Reagan had his job before he was President, who couldn’t see him doing precisely the same thing with such an opportunity, to twist the tail of the head bear, and skewer the feckless head Democrat, at the same time? It was masterful, and IMHO deserves to be appreciated by right-minded Americans. I thought I was the cynic hereabouts…  ◄Dave►

        • I’ll tell you what his motive are and they are pure political. He didn’t write that letter to Putin. He wrote it to every American he thought might vote for him should he run for office. Putin could care less about a history lesson from DeMint as in his position he probably knows as much about the working of American Govt as DeMint does. And Puton probably knows more about the Berlin wall than DeMint ever thought of knowing. The letter was pure politics.
          Why didn’t DeMint stay on the problems at hand. Why didn’t ask Putin just what his motives are for backing Syria. Shouldn’t he have accused Putin of backing Assad becouse he would lose his foot hold in the middle east by losing his naval base if he didn’t? Than Iran and all the others would than turn against Russia’s Putin. A lot of things could have been written about the business at hand
          This letter was a pure political move on DeMints part

        • Also, what a better place to get his message out (free of charge) than the Herritage foundation while making a million plus per year. For those that think his motives are pure patriotism, give me a break

      • I have nothing against DeMint. I would vote for him if he gets by the primary’s. He is a politician, that I believe, maybe miss-informed to say the least. As i read the letter I come up with mixed emotions. such as DeMint’s thesis is certainly admirable, namely that America is exceptional, his argument is that this is due to the… limited power of government!? The NSA probably had the same question when it was intercepting this letter as it was being transmitted and then saved among a plethora of cloud servers, I wonder: wasn’t the point to refute Putin, not admit he is correct?

  1. Premature for that but what a pleasant thought to have a president that could articulate the concept to other leaders the likes of Putin without shame or reservation. It’s been joked that Putin “ate Obama’s lunch” on Syria. Well DiMint just served American pie for desert.

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