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You Will Comply or Pay the Price — 13 Comments

  1. An interesting post by Dave this morning sort of fits the theme. Here’s a small quote.

    Was Healthcare.gov designed to fail?

    It’s almost as if the entire system has been designed to fail. There is no rational justification for writing code like this. It’s like someone held a contest to find out “who can write the most inefficient, wasteful computer code” and Healthcare.gov won the top prize!”

    • Your tax dollars, hard at play. But if the system was indeed designed to fail, for what end? There would then indeed be a “rational” justification for writing code like this.

  2. LOL now I know the setup is coming. I can hear the narrative.

    The law was passed with the cooperation of the states in mind. We offered incentives for states to be partners in this project but many left us to go it alone. The unexpected task of covering the duty of thirty states to their citizens that they decided to ignore is just overwhelming. But we shall prevail.

    Here’s the setup. I remind you this is MSNBC

  3. Interesting, but I don’t see that it follows logically. I emphatically agree that tyranny is what this regime is all about, but wouldn’t that end be better realized by the feds, not the states, being in charge?

    • The feds are in charge no matter who sets up the exchange. I see it more as the states didn’t comply. Complicity is much more important than actual results. I’m beginning to think it’s backfiring on them which is leaving little opportunity for the political gain they had hoped for.

      • You’ve lost me there. With the widespread opposition/disillusionment to ObamaCare in general I don’t see how hoping for political gain could be anything but a pie-in-the-sky pipe dream. But wait, I forgot, that’s what liberals are all about anyway.

        • The majority number of republican governors that didn’t set up the exchanges has to really torque them off as well as just the majority of republican governors alone. They surely weren’t planning on taking any blame for the train wreck. I think they are surprised that they are. Who were they going to blame? Anybody who didn’t comply with the plan. Heck they’re trying to blame republicans for their own internal actions…… Too bad it’s not working.

  4. Haslam not sure he made right choice on Obamacare

    NASHVILLE — Gov. Bill Haslam says the most recent figure the state has on Tennesseans successfully enrolling in the troubled federal health insurance exchange comes to just a few hundred, but the Republican isn’t sure whether or not he erred by refusing to create the state’s own online marketplace.

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  5. LOL listen to the end. It’s coming.

    Just a side note the interviewer is another local gal from upstate, NY. She did our local news for years. She’s upgraded her look but still pretty clueless.


    Politics, Chicago style…
    Obamacare rate hikes hit Red States the hardest. In fact, a new report by Heritage Foundation found that the rate hikes in Red States was 78% higher on the exchanges, while the rate hikes in Blue States rose by 50%.

    And, rural Americans have fewer options than urban dwellers.
    county election results 2012
    2012 Election County Results

    The Obama administration also screwed rural Americans with higher Obamacare premium costs and less choices?

    FOX News reported:

    Experiencing sticker-shock at the price of insurance on ObamaCare exchanges?

    That’s more likely if you live in a “red state” that didn’t vote for Obama, according to price data compiled by the Heritage Foundation. In red states, premiums for 27-year-olds rose an average of 78% on ObamaCare exchanges, whereas in “blue states” that voted for Obama, premiums rose a smaller 50%.

    Senate critics of ObamaCare say the difference is one way in which the bill is unfair.

    “It’s unfair, outrageous and unacceptable,” Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyo., who is also an orthopedic surgeon, said in a statement to FoxNews.com.

    “After discovering that the President broke his promise that Americans can definitely keep their coverage, many red state Americans are now finding out that their rates will soar under ObamaCare. This… proves once again that the President’s health care law picks winners and losers across the country,” he added.

    Health policy experts say the reason red states got hit hardest is that they had fewer regulations to begin with.


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