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  1. Metaphorically speaking, of course, I enjoyed my repast at Murray’s Cafe this morning. As usual, it was well prepared and delicious. 😉

    I particularly enjoyed one tasty morsel on the menu, which I had somehow failed to notice before, and found it mischievously delectable. How could I have forgotten the significance of the 23rd Psalm, when I just discovered I can still recite it verbatim, after nearly 50 years of not having the slightest reason to do so?

    I use the term ‘sheeple’ frequently, and have done so for over twenty years. I can’t recall where I first encountered it; but for many years, readers would think I coined it, because they first heard this instantly grasped, one-word, metaphor from me. It has been interesting to notice it becoming increasingly common in conservative rhetoric.

    Naturally, I also employ the metaphors of shepherds, bellwethers, flocks, sheepdogs, and wolves when deriding their usually somnolent herd mentality. Yet, until now, it somehow had not risen to the level of my consciousness, that Christians frequently self-identify as sheeple. It is not hard to predict that this new insight may appear in future rants, about the Piously Correct authoritarians crippling conservative politics. 🙂

    I find it interesting that you intercede the clergy as the actual shepherds, in the employ of God to lead His flocks, Chip. From the perspective of the Psalmist, I would have probably left God as the shepherd, and assigned the clergy to the role of ‘bellwethers’; but I suppose most readers have never bothered to learn the original proper meaning of that term (a castrated sheep with a bell around it’s neck that the others tend to follow), oft-used as a metaphor itself for a ‘trendsetter.’

    Your construct is probably the more accurate, especially for a Catholic. A bellwether simply leads, and has no responsibility to gather strays or tend to their needs. Besides, this arrangement permits the owner to remain enigmatic, while leaving it to staff to convince the flocks of the value in belonging to His collective. 😉 ◄Dave►

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