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  1. I enjoyed his speech that had Obama squirming as Michelle was clapping enthusiastically. I have seen a few interviews, and like the guy. I get a little nervous at the tendency of the GOP to leap toward any conservative black guy who might help them show that they are not racists. Since the get immediately labeled “Uncle Toms” or ‘tokens,’ I don’t think it really makes much difference in the percentage of black voters they would attract from the ghettos. In other words, don’t put a finger on your scale on account of race or ethnicity. I am past ready for King’s color-blind society. If he turns out to be the best man available, great, I’ll vote for him; but it will be in total disregard for his color, not because of it. At first blush, were I to go to central casting looking for a statesman and CinC, a well-spoken mild-mannered neurosurgeon probably wouldn’t be my first choice. ◄Dave►

    • Well, I haven’t signed on yet, and indeed am preparing a letter to the campaign with some questions first. As you allude to, well-spoken is fine, but mild-mannered is not. He’d get eaten up and spit out in pieces. A fighter who isn’t afraid to return contempt for contempt is what is needed. Getting labeled an Uncle Tom is OK as long as you have a biting retort in return. I tell people that the GOP is in the habit of nominating party hacks who then campaign from the fetal position. That needs to change.

  2. I think Dr. Carson is a fine man. More than accomplished in his field. He is a welcome voice in the conservative movement. That is pretty much where My hopes and I hope his aspirations stop. I’m a dandy truck mechanic as well as being able to sell condoms to a pope. I would not presume to perform neurosurgery. We have a president right now with no executive experience. Heck he never even had a job. No foreign policy experience,and a general lack of understanding of basic human nature. Dr. Carson would be superior to the status quo. Sadly that bar is still pretty darn low. If he’s the nominee I would vote for him. I would much prefer to have a seasoned conservative/libertarian statesman. Name to be announced.

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