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  1. In reading the supreme court ruling on the Arizona voter id law it’s clear that somebody has all of or at least part of the supreme court BY THE BALLS.

  2. Hillary v. Rand Paul….Hillary is starting to squeeze. Paul is squirming with his support of Snowden as Snowden looks to Socialist Rogue states for asylum. I can tell from his face that it really hurts.

  3. I’m still waiting to hear what information Snowden has turned over other than telling the American people they were being spied on. For starters I can only say “like we didn’t know”. If that’s his only crime Hillary is going to have a tough road holding that against Paul.

  4. Unlikely that we will hear any of that. I wonder how the US intelligence agencies can tell us national security info in order to expand our info so we can intelligently analyze the depth of the program and the impacts of spilling the secrets.

    Kerry says it did endanger. We either believe him or not. At this point, I choose to go with those who are charged with our security. I recognize we can overdo that and they can exceed their authority. Just don’t think they have done anything illegal or unconstitutional even if we later decide that we don’t like the scope of the program. Still waiting for someone to prove the opposite.

    • I’m still on the fence about Snowden myself. The liberty oriented side of me tells me he’s a hero and the patriot side tells me he’s a traitor. As far as the information the government is collecting I’m also on the fence. They aren’t collecting anything that the phone company doesn’t already have (that we know of). The rub is that the phone company has little motive or ability to use it for anything other than billing information. The government not so much.

  5. Russia v. US, China v. US and vice versa….Russia is squeezing hard in exchange for Snowden…likely to turn him over as economic consequences would be huge.

    China v. US…..We were squeezing them and they had a lot to lose economically. I thought their solution was brilliant…just kick him out and give Russia the problem.

      • It is worth keeping in mind that Syria is to Russia, what Israel is to us. They may not always like what Assad is doing; but it is in their strategic interest to insure his government’s survival. ◄Dave►

        • To be honest I think it’s in Israel’s best interest if Assad stays in. Which gives me all the information I need to know about why Obama wants him out. What they call by the quaint name of “the Arab spring” is nothing short of an Islamic takeover of the middle east.

        • If you look at the outcomes, one could argue we were better off when Saddam and Mubarak were in Power. It is getting harder to find a proxy to take on Iran and keep some order. the idea that we can export our democracy to countries fighting religious and tribal wars does not seem to have worked very well, has it?

        • We were far better off with Mubarak. Saddam was a different story. That I think could have worked out well for us strategicly. Obama threw that advantage down the crapper.

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