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African American Conservatives Townhall — 8 Comments

  1. With a black youth unemployment rate of 50% congress wants to inject 11 million more workers into the entry level and lower wage job market with countless millions more to follow. That is an injustice to all Americans. Why are they placing the welfare of non citizens here illegally over that of our own citizens?

  2. Not to change the subject but I agree with one of the women in the audience in that she is tired of being labeled “African” American. She is not from Africa, she was born right here in the US. She is an American.
    Jesse Jackson seems to think every thing is just hunky Dory for black Americans. We are moving forward under Obama he stated. Until people shut the likes of him up, I don’t see much change coming.

    • That’s not changing the subject. I posted the video because there is so much in there to discuss. You make my point exactly though. Why should anything be done to help any hyphenated American? Why not help all Americans? Instead they jab a thumb in the eye of all Americans by giving away their jobs.

  3. Question; Why are they placing the welfare of non citizens here illegally over that of our own citizens?
    We elected Congress, so who’s to blame? I made a statement long ago, that once the tea party elected got a taste of the money to be made as a Washington politician things would be back to normal. My prediction is starting to come true.

    • Sadly in some cases this is true. That leads to a post I commented on a couple days ago about West primarying Rubio. The tea party put him in and the tea party can take him out. They need to learn that that’s the way it is.

  4. I completely agree, Chris. This was an excellent program. Language, culture, and education are the secret. Notice your reaction to those who speak articulately, dress conservatively, think for themselves critically, espouse entrepreneurship, and accept responsibility.. There wasn’t a victim among them. One lady suggested that a young person walk across the street and ask an entrepreneur to mentor them. My reaction was, “Oh, please do!” I would cherish the opportunity. ◄Dave►

    • Exactly Dave. Not a poor me sentiment in the place. Plenty of gratitude for the opportunities and success they have had. Not one opportunity more than every American has and none less. Just the freedom to capitalize and succeed. That is America.

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