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Is Ted Cruz a NBC?

The question of Ted Cruz's citizenship status keeps popping up, so let's kick it around. It is my position that as much as I like and admire the guy, he is not even close to being a natural born citizen (NBC), so I am constrained by my principles to oppose his candidacy for the office of POTUS, every bit as ...

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Thinking in Gold

I have long thought about prices, wages, and values in terms of gold, as in my post on Money. Trying to track down an article Troy suggested we read in a comment, I stumbled across a useful website,, which has various financial charts plotted in grams of gold, rather than U.S. Dollars. This takes the currency inflation and manipulative volatility out of the picture, allowing real long-term values to emerge. It is remarkable how relatively stable prices remain when measured in gold, instead of a depreciating fiat currency. The site is a very useful resource. If one thinks in ounces, instead of grams, just multiply oz. by 31, or vice versa, to convert.


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Tspeak Updates

We now have what will be a VERY powerful and needed tool on our activity timeline. We now support #hashtags. This will allow you to find related posts from past activity that the site search doesn’t support. You can also use #hashtags in your blogs and blog comments. They work in concert with the tags feature. Lets start hashtagging our posts and comments. It will allow visitors to see what we all think regarding a specific post. To add a hashtag simply put a # in front of any word for example a post about Benghazi would be #Benghazi. When the resulting link is clicked it directs you to a search result page of all posts with that hashtag.  Don’t forget the @mention feature too. It’s always been there.

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What They Told Us: Reviewing Last Week’s Key Polls

President Obama may be on vacation this week, but he and his administration still made plenty of news.

Obama Skips the Kennedy Tax Cuts

Larry Kudlow | Aug 17, 2013

After delivering a number of “economic growth” speeches this summer, President Obama has failed to inspire any confidence, falling all the way back to square one in a recent Gallup poll. Actually, make that less than square one. Gallup reported that Obama’s approval rating on the economy has sunk to 35 percent in August from 42 percent in early June.  
Why should we be surprised?

The Agenda of the Clown Haters

Posted on August 16, 2013

Before we drop everything to call for the very first Million Clown March on Washington, I think we should take a long hard look at the clown haters first…just to get a better understanding of exactly who we’re dealing with here.